Friday, October 23, 2015

Reno Strand

Reno O. Strand

May 14, 1909
Erie, PA 

June 27, 1988
Erie, PA

1931-32 House of David (Independent)
1932-33 Warren Transits (independent)
1933-34 Union City Ritz Pennsylvanians (Industrial League)
1934-35 Erie General Electrics (Independent)
1934-35 Warren Hyvis Oils (Independent)
1935-36 Warren Hyvis Oils (Independent)
1936-37 Warren Hyvis Oils (Independent)
1937-38 Warren Penns (NBL)
1938-39 Warren Penns/Cleveland White Horses (NBL)
1942-43 Strong Vincent High School - Erie, PA (High School) - Head Coach
1943-44 Strong Vincent High School - Erie, PA (High School) - Head Coach
1946-47 Corry Vets (Independent)
1952-53 National Transits - Warren, PA (Independent) 

One of nine children born to Andrew Gustav (1882-1942) and Anna Katherine Broberg Strand (1882-1979). Aside from being an excellent basketball player, Strand was also a champion diver and semi-pro baseball player. A local legend in Warren, Strand joined the Penns late in the 1937-38 season.
After his playing days, the 6'4 Strand stayed active in basketball by running a well-renown basketball camp at the Erie Boys Club in Erie, Pennsylvania, known for its rugged training regiment. He also owned and operated a construction company
He was married to Ann D. Strand (1909-1993).

Oil City Derrick (Oil City, PA), March 6, 1934


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