Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Lorvin Proctor

Lorvin Proctor

c. 1915    


 (High School)
Inland Container - Indianapolis (Amateur)
1938-39 Indianapolis Kautskys (NBL)

Started off only with the knowledge that Proctor played three games with Indianapolis.

No sign anywhere of any person named "Lorvin." So I am taking the belief that it is either a nickname or a poor transcription somewhere down the line. One thing I did find was a Robert Proctor who played basketball at Brazil High School, but being born in 1925, would have been too young to play for Indy in 1938-39. There are newspaper records in 1923 of a James Proctor who was a very skilled basketball player. It looks like James might be Robert's father, and according to Robert's obituary, there is another son besides Robert, James Jr.

There was a Proctor playing guard for Bainbridge in Indiana in 1933. Likely him.(Indianapolis Star, January 16, 1933, February 20, 1932, Feb 23, 1933)
L. Proctor played for Bainbridge in 1936 (Daily Clintonian, Jan 11, 1936)

March 25, 1935, Logansport Pharos Tribune, lists a Lewis Proctor from Bainbridge.

So now we got to two possibilities here, assuming Lorvin is a bad transcription.
Is the "L" accurate? Is our guy Lewis Proctor? Or how about his brother, Edwin? I could see Edwin being sloppily written and read as "Lorvin." Lewis is born in 1914, brother Edwin 1917 (d. 1995). Both ages fit our player.

To be continued...


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