Friday, October 16, 2015

Bob Parsons

Robert Clifford Parsons

June 11, 1915     
Lincoln, NE

March 1, 1985  
Modesto, CA      

1933-34 Lincoln High School - Nebraska (High School)
1935-36 Nebraska University (College)
1936-37 Nebraska University (College)
1937-38 Nebraska University (College)
1937-38 Lincoln Woodmen - Nebraska (Independent)
1938-39 Akron Goodyear Wingfoots (NBL)
1939-40 Akron (Independent)
1941-42 Akron Collegians (Independent)
1941-42 Akron Goodyear Wingfoots (NBL)
1944-45 Rochester Guards (Independent)
1946-47 Seattle Blue Devils (PCBL)

Another mystery man. Quick searching of old newspapers gave me the start.

Grew up in Lincoln, Nebraska. After starring on the hardwood at Lincoln HS and later at Nebraska, Parsons played professionally for two seasons with the Wingfoots. According to the Lincoln High School Hall of Fame, he eventually moved to Modesto, California.

With a little searching, I found this woman's obituary:

All the obit information identifies our man. Nice find, if I do say so myself.

Born to Glen and Anna Parsons. He married Frances Meier (1917-2014) and served in the Navy during World War 2, playing basketball for the troops. They eventually moved to Modesto and adopted two children, Pamela Jean (1944-2002) and James Robert (1950-2007).


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