Thursday, May 24, 2018

Bobby Lewis

Robert S. Lewis

April 28, 1918
New York, NY

Alive in 1986 according to interview with brother Harold

1937-38 NYU (College)
1938-39 NYU (College)
1939-40 NYU (College)
1940-41 Phillips 66 Oilers (Independent)
1940-41 Ohrbach - Brooklyn (Independent)
1946-47 Jersey City Atoms (ABL)

Born to Lewis (c. 1887) and Fannie Lewis (c. 1893)
Brother Norman (born Dec 1915) was a champion collegiate fencer in the 1930's. Younger brother Harold (born Oct 1923) was a well-regarded Physics Professor.

An All-American at NYU, Lewis would go on to play some pro basketball before enlisting in the military in March of 1943. After the war, he would play with the Atoms in the ABL.He later became an accountant.

I cannot say for certain Lewis is still alive, but I have found nothing to indicate he has indeed passed. He would be 100 years old if he is still with us. In an interview with his brother Harold in 1986, he was asked about his family and seems to imply both of his brothers (Bobby and Norman) were both alive.

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