Thursday, October 11, 2018

Joe Foster

Joseph Foster



1947-48 Metropolitan High School - New York City (High School)
1948-49 Brooklyn College (College) Evening session team
1949-50 University of Scranton - Pennsylvania (College)
1950-51 University of Scranton - Pennsylvania (College)
1951-52 Saratoga / Schenectady Harlem Yankees (ABL)

Reported to be from Jamaica on Long Island. Attended Met High School in NYC.

Foster once scored 68 points in a high school game, a NY PSAL record at the time.

Could be either of these two guys:

Joseph Foster, born 1929-30, Son of William and Geneva Foster, brother of Edith (c. 1924), William (c. 1928), Edward (c. 1932), Leroy (c. 1935). In 1940, family was on East 118th Street in East Harlem. Met HS about four miles away.

Joseph Foster, born in NYC January 24, 1931, son of Bermudan immigrant Arabelle (1894/5-1958) brother of John (9/19/1922) Violet (7/30/23-5/28/00) Lela (1/3/25)



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