Monday, July 10, 2017

Bob Harrison

Robert William Harrison

August 12, 1927
Toledo, OH


1942-43 Woodward High School - Toledo, Ohio (High School)
1943-44 Woodward High School - Toledo, Ohio (High School)
1944-45 Woodward High School - Toledo, Ohio (High School)
1946-47 University of Michigan (College)
1947-48 University of Michigan (College)
1948-49 University of Michigan (College)
1949-50 Minneapolis Lakers (NBA)
1950-51 Minneapolis Lakers (NBA)
1951-52 Minneapolis Lakers (NBA)
1952-53 Minneapolis Lakers (NBA)
1953-54 Minneapolis Lakers (NBA) 
1953-54 Milwaukee Hawks (NBA)
1954-55 Milwaukee Hawks (NBA)
1955-56 St. Louis Hawks (NBA)
1956-57 St. Louis Hawks (NBA)
1956-57 Syracuse Nationals (NBA)
1957-58 Syracuse Nationals (NBA)
1958-59 Kenyon College (College) Head coach 
1959-60 Kenyon College (College) Head coach 
1960-61 Kenyon College (College) Head coach  
1961-62 Kenyon College (College) Head coach 
1962-63 Kenyon College (College) Head coach  
1963-64 Kenyon College (College) Head coach 
1964-65 Kenyon College (College) Head coach  
1965-66 Kenyon College (College) Head coach 
1966-67 Kenyon College (College) Head coach  
1967-68 Kenyon College (College) Head coach 
1968-69 Harvard University (College) Head coach 
1969-70 Harvard University (College) Head coach
1970-71 Harvard University (College) Head coach 
1971-72 Harvard University (College) Head coach
1972-73 Harvard University (College) Head coach

After a lengthy NBA career, Harrison took up the clipboard and took a coaching job at Kenyon College. His success there allowed him to take the head job at Harvard for five seasons.

The Crimson, March 11, 1976


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