Thursday, May 2, 2019

Bill Bolger

William J. Bolger

August 21, 1931
New York, NY

October 8, 2009
Glen Ellyn, IL

1948-49 Xavier High School - Manhattan (High School)
1950-51 Georgetown University (College)
1951-52 Georgetown University (College)
1952-53 Georgetown University (College)
1953-54 Baltimore Bullets (NBA)

After starring on the hardwood at Xavier High School in Manhattan, Bolger went to Georgetown where he would score 1084 points, the most by a Hoya at the point (and Bolger did it in three seasons). He would be drafted by the Milwaukee Hawks in the second round of the 1953 NBA draft but was waived in late October while in the Hawk's training camp. He was claimed by the Baltimore Bullets and would play sparingly before being farmed out to the Washington Generals on January 2, 1954. He would go on to work for many years for the Sears and Roebuck Corporation.

Bolger married Jane Grove and they had seven children.

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