Tuesday, May 28, 2019

1947-48 NYSL

I found the 1947-48 season to a complete mess. It was hard to find results, let alone box scores. I have many holes in my datas and hard to really piece any sort of history together. It is appropriate, though, because the league itself was a fluid mess. The Albany and Troy clubs merged to become the Twin Cities Celtics. This team closed up shop in January, and the the Vermont Vulcans out of Burlington, Vermont, bought the franchise and moved their club to Glens Falls and played the remainder of the season, picking up the Celtics' record at the time of their departure. The Oswego Pontiacs last into the first week of January, but after a 2-10 start that climaxed with a 61-point pounding by the Mohawks Redskins, folded and forfeited the remainder of their games. Cohoes finished with a 29-7 record, and bumped divisional runner-up Saratoga two games in the divisional playoffs. Mohawk, who finished a game behind the first-place defending champion Utica team in the Western Division, defeated the Olympics to face Cohoes in the championship series. Mohawk won the first game, been then suffered 3-straight losses to hand the title to the Mastadons. Schenectady started the season in the Eastern Division, and Twin Cities was in the Western Division, but when the Glens Falls shift occured, Schenectady was sent to the Western Division while Glens Falls took their spot in the East.

Cohoes Mastadons
Oswego Pontiacs*
Saratoga Indians
Twin Cities (Troy/Albany) Celtics * / Glens Falls Commodores

Mohawk Redskins
Schenectady Comets
Utica Olympics

* - folded before season's end

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