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Bill Chanecka

William J. Chanecka
also played under the name Bill Stewart 

April 21, 1924
Binghamton, NY

January 27, 2010
Binghamton, NY

1940-41 Binghamton High School - New York (High School)
1941-42 Binghamton High School - New York (High School)
1942-43 Binghamton High School - New York (High School)
1945-46 Wilkes Barre Barons (PSL)
1946-47 Wilkes Barre Barons (EPBL)
1947-48 Wilkes Barre Barons (ABL)
1948-49 Wilkes Barre Barons (ABL)
1949-50 Wilkes Barre Barons (ABL)
1950-51 Wilkes Barre Barons (ABL)
1951-52 Pottsville Packers (EBL)
1952-53 Williamsport Billies (EBL)
ABL team??
1953-54 Williamsport Billies (EBL)
1954-55 Williamsport Billies (EBL)
1955-56 Williamsport Billies (EBL)
1956-57 Williamsport Billies (EBL)
1957-58 Williamsport Billies (EBL)
1958-59 Wilkes Barre Barons (EBL)
1964-65 Scranton Miners (EBL) Assistant coach / player

Chanecka lead his high school team in Binghamton, New York, to an unbeaten season in his senior year. After graduating, he served in the U.S. Navy during World War 2. Once the war was over, Chanecka entered pro basketball and would play 14 seasons, mainly with the Wilkes-Barre Barons and the WIlliamsport Billies. He was the ABL MVP in 1949, and following the end of the ABL, he became one of the Eastern League's biggest stars, being named to the league's all-time team.He would work for many years at General Electric.

Bill and his wife, Agnes, had two sons and two daughters.

Brother of Steve Chanecka.

Luzerne County Hall of Fame


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