Sunday, March 4, 2018

Whitey Wilson

Harold "Whitey" Wilson



1929-30 New Kensington High School - Pennsylvania (High School)
1930-31 New Kensington High School - Pennsylvania (High School)
1932-33 University of Pittsburgh (College)
1935-36 Heurich Brewers (Independent)
1936-37 Heurich Brewers (Independent)
1937-38 Heurich Brewers (Independent)
1938-39 Washington Brewers (ABL)
1939-40 Washington Brewers (ABL)
1940-41 Washington Brewers (ABL)
1941-42 Washington Brewers (ABL)

There is a story from 1933 when in his sophomore season, Wilson suckerpunched a referee afte the game. It was uncertain who had actually thrown the punch. Wilson was blamed, but years later he said it was teammate Skippy Hughes who did it.

Second daughter born in 1940. Late 50's he was living in Stanton Heights neighborhood of Pittsburgh. His mother died while Whitey was at Pitt, and he quit school to help take care of the family. Apparently he was quite a billiards player.

Other sites have him listed as Thomas H. Wilson, which could be Thomas Harold Wilson.



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