Thursday, March 29, 2018

Ace Tramantan

Angelo J. "Ace" Tramontana (Tramantan)

February 15, 1913
Trenton, NJ

November 27, 2007
Trenton, NJ

1931-32 Trenton High School - New Jersey (High School)
1932-33 Trenton High School - New Jersey (High School)
1933-34 Rider University (College)
1934-35 Rider University (College)
1934-35 Trenton Dragons (Independent)
1935-36 Rider University (College)
1937-38 Trenton (NL)
1938-39 Hazelton (TCL)
1939-40 Lancaster (TCL)
1940-41 Lancaster (TCL)
1941-42 Lancaster (TCL)
1943-44 Trenton Tigers (ABL)
1945-46 Elizabeth (Independent)

After playing basketball in the Tri-County League, Angelo played with the Trenton Tigers in the ABL. He served in the Army during World War 2, and after the war was a policeman in Trenton. He would go on to work for the Street Department of Trenton.

Obituary,, November 29, 2007


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