Monday, December 18, 2017

Tiny Hearn

William Waller "Tiny" Hearn

June 3, 1905
Eatonton, GA

December 20, 1962
Eatonton, GA

1920-21 Eatonton High School - Georgia (High School)
1924-25 Georgia Tech (College)
1925-26 Georgia Tech (College)
1926-27 Georgia Tech (College)
1927-28 Thorpe Indians (Independent)
1928-29 Haskell Indians (Independent)
1929-30 Rochester Centrals (ABL)
1930-31 Rochester Centrals (ABL)
1932-33 Paterson Continentals (MBL)
1932-33 Brooklyn Americans (MBL)
1932-33 Brooklyn Visitation (MBL)
1932-33 Jersey City Palace Diamonds (MBL)
1932-33 Bridgeton Gems (EBL)
1932-33 Philadelphia Jaspers (EBL)
1932-33 Tunkhannock (PSL)
1933-34 Trenton Moose (ABL)
1933-34 Plymouth (PSL)
1933-34 Philadelphia Passon (EBL)
1934-35 Newark / New Britain Mules (ABL)
1935-36 Kingston Colonials (ABL)
1936-37 Kingston Colonials (ABL)
1937-38 Kingston Colonials (ABL)
1937-38 Binghamton (NYPA)

Born to Henry and Mary Hearn in Eatonton, Georgia, the ironically-nicknamed 6'9 Hearn played at Georgia Tech before going pro. He played for various teams for almost a decade, including seven seasons in the ABL.

He married Stella Weglicka (1910-2006) and they had one son.



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