Friday, December 8, 2017

John Frank

John Adam Frank

December 17, 1902

January 1, 1977

1924-25 Dutch Kills St.Pats (Independent)
1925-26 Flushing Co. I (Independent)
1926-27 Flushing Co. I (Independent)
1927-28 Kingston Colonials (MBL)
1927-28 Brooklyn Visitations (MBL)
1927-28 Long Island Pros (Independent)
1928-29 Brooklyn Visitations (ABL)
1928-29 Queens Elks (Independent)
1929-30 Long Island Pros (Independent)
1929-30 Flushing Yankees (Independent)
1930-31 Long Island Pro-Imps (Independent)
1931-32 Long Island Pro-Imps (MBL)

Frank played one game with Brooklyn in the ABL, scoring two points against Rochester on November 25, 1928.

Not positive on birth and death dates. There is another John Frank from NYC, 1901-1975.



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