Monday, December 4, 2017

Joey Sheehan

Joseph F. Sheehan

August 26, 1905
Camden, NJ

November 23, 1978
Camden, NJ

1921-22 Camden Catholic - New Jersey (High School)
1922-23 Camden Catholic - New Jersey (High School)
1925-26 Villanova University (College)
1926-27 Villanova University (College)
1925-26 Camden Skeeters (EBL)
1927-28 Cleveland Rosenblums (ABL)
1928-29 Pattison (EBL)
1928-29 Millville (SJL)
1928-29 Hazelton (PSL)
1929-30 Pattison (EBL)
1930-31 Kennett Square (EBL)
1930-31 Archibald (PSL)
1931-32 Camden Skeeters (EBL)
1931-32 Wilmington Cardinals (EBL)
1932-33 Wilmington Cats (EBL)
1932-33 Bridgeton Gems (EBL)
1932-33 Philadelphia Jaspers (EBL)
1932-33 Paterson Continentals (MBL)
1933-34 Philadelphia Moose (EBL)

Sheehan was a basketball and baseball player at Villanova, and after graduating he pursued both on a professional and semi-professional level afterwards. (He allegedly played catcher in the Yankees farm system, but I have not found those records.)

He later worked as a plumber and died following a lengthy illness.

Joe and his wife, Julia, had three daughters and one son.

Courier-Post (Camden), November 25, 1978


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