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Ralph Kaplowitz

Ralph Kaplowitz

May 18, 1919
New York, NY

February 2, 2009
Queens, NY

1936-37 DeWitt Clinton at Bronx, NY (High School)
1937-38 DeWitt Clinton at Bronx, NY (High School)
1939-40 NYU (College)
1940-41 NYU (College)
1941-42 NYU (College) 
1941-42 Aberdeen Bombers (Independent)
1942-43 Galveston Army Airfield (Military)
1945-46 Philadelphia SPHA's (ABL)
1946-47 New York Knicks (BAA)
1946-47 Philadelphia Warriors (BAA)
1947-48 Philadelphia Warriors (BAA)
1948-49 Hartford Hurricanes (ABL)
1948-49 Saratoga Indians (NYSL)
1949-50 Hartford Hurricanes (ABL)
1950-51 Bridgeport Aer-A-Sols (ABL)

Born in the Bronx, Ralph starred on the court in high school before heading off to NYU. (Fellow BAA player Leo Gottlieb was a high school teammate.) He was drafted into the U.S. Army during World War 2, and after his discharge, played with the SPHA's in the ABL. He signed with the Knicks in 1946, but was traded to Philly shortly into the season.

His older brother, Danny Kaplowitz, played at Long Island University. His cousin, Walt, also played pro basketball.

Ralph died of kidney failure in 2009.

Brooklyn Daily Eagle, March 5, 1937
Galveston Daily News, November 30, 1943
Grave and Obituary


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