Thursday, October 20, 2016

Stan Miasek

Stanley Miasek

September 19, 1923
New York, NY

October 18, 1989
Parkville, MD

1944-45 Dayton Harvey Mizers (Independent)
1945-46 Dayton Mickeys (Independent)
1945-46 Ottuma (Iowa) Seahawks (Military)
1946-47 Detroit Falcons (BAA)
1947-48 Chicago Stags (BAA)
1948-49 Chicago Stags (BAA)
1949-50 Chicago Stags (NBA)
1950-51 St. Paul Lights (NPBL)
1950-51 Louisville Alumnites (NPBL)
1951-52 Baltimore Bullets (NBA)
1952-53 Milwaukee Hawks (NBA)
1954-55 Wilkes-Barre (EBL)
1955-56 Williamsport (EBL)
1956-57 Williamsport (EBL) 

Miasek grew up in the Bronx and served in U.S. Navy during World War 2. Aside from a lengthy pro career on the court, he was also played minor league baseball in the Detroit Tigers and the New York Giants farm systems.

Minor League Baseball Stats:

Council Bluffs (Iowa) Nonpareil,  December 24, 1945
Detroit Free Press, January 19, 1947


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  1. Nephew of ‘Uncle Stanley’, married my father’s sister (Olga). Any info to share or family, feel free to contact