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Chuck Connors

Kevin Joseph Aloysius "Chuck" Connors 

April 10, 1921
Brooklyn, NY

November 10, 1992
Los Angeles, CA

1937-38 Erasmus Hall - Brooklyn (High School)
1938-39 Adelphia Academy - Garden City, NY (High School)
1939-40 Adelphia Academy - Garden City, NY (High School)
1941-42 Seton Hall (College)
1943-44 Brooklyn Indians (ABL)
1943-44 Rochester Pros (Independent)
1944-45 Wilmington Bombers (ABL)
1945-46 Rochester Royals (NBL)
1945-46 Paterson Crescents (ABL)
1945-46 Jersey Reds (Independent)
1945-46 Newark (Independent)
1946-47 Boston Celtics (BAA)
1947-48 Twin Cities Celtics (NYSL)
1947-48 Boston Celtics (BAA)
1947-48 Paterson Crescents (ABL)
1947-48 Mohawk Redskins (NYSL)

Connors was a basketball and baseball player in high school, college, and also in the professional ranks, but we know him best for his career in Hollywood, working as a rugged tough guy in many roles, most notably as the "Rifleman."

He was drafted into the army in 1942, and spent most of his military time as an instructor at West Point. He played professional basketball for many years, all the while also pursing a career in baseball. While playing in the Pacific Coast League, he caught the attention of casting agents, and soon quit baseball and basketball. Aside from acting, he also worked on his ranch in Southern California. He died of lung cancer in 1992.

Connors was married and divorced three times. He had four sons; Steven, Jeffrey, Michael and Kevin.

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