Monday, February 1, 2016

Herm Weiss

Herman Leonard Weiss, Jr.

July 22, 1916
Cleveland, OH

September 6, 1976
New York, NY

1936-37 Case Institute of Technology (College)
1937-38 Case Institute of Technology (College)
1938-39 Case Institute of Technology (College)
1944-45 Cleveland Allmen Transfers (NBL)

After graduation from CIT (Now Case Western Reserve) with a B.S. degree, Weiss went to work for GE in Pitney, Ohio. He stayed at GE for many years, rising to vice-president and vice-chairman.
Weiss died in 1976 of cancer.

He married Pauline McCabe on September 5, 1940 and they had a son, Gregory.

Berkshire Eagle, September 7, 1976


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