Thursday, April 21, 2016

Vaughn Waddell

Vaughn Reginald Waddell

September 29, 1910
Forest, ON, Canada

March 7, 1980
Royal Oak, MI

1934-35 Detroit Hed-Aids (Detroit Industrial)
1935-36 Detroit Hed-Aids (MBC)

1936-37 Detroit Altes Lager (MBC)
1938-39 Briggs Beautywares - Highland Park, Michigan (Independent)

1939-40 Briggs Beautywares - Highland Park, Michigan (Independent) 
1940-41 Detroit Auto Club (Detroit Basketball Association)
1941-42 Detroit Auto Club (Detroit Basketball Association)
1942-43 Selfridge Field (Military)
1943-44 Selfridge Field (Military) 
1945-46 Detroit Mansfield (Independent)
1946-47 Detroit Gems (NBL)

Born in Ontario to William and Annie Waddell. Aside from being a skilled basketball player, Waddell was quite an amateur pitcher who made a name for himself around the sandlots of Detroit.An Indianapolis Star article from December 26, 1937, says he went to Manhattan College, but he does not appear on their all-time roster. After many years of playing in the Detroit industrial leagues, he entered the military, playing for the Selfridge team while station at that base, which is located not far from Detroit. He signed with the Gems in the NBL, but was released on December 6, 1946.

He was married to Edith Papineau (1910-1979) and had two children.

Sometimes his name is spelled "Waddel".

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