Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Connie O'Connor

Conlon Cecil O'Connor

February 21, 1923
Lennox, SD

January 15, 2014
Phoenix, AZ

South Dakota (College) ??
1946-47 Detroit Gems (NBL)

Connie was born in Lennox, SD, and his family moved to Iowa when he was young. A decent baseball player as well as basketball player, Connie played minor league baseball for a few years, as well as independent baseball in his hometown in Iowa through 1950, where he also owned and operated a newspaper. In 1958, he moved to Phoenix where he was a notable real estate developer. He had a home in Del Mar, California, before retiring to Sedona.

He was married to Kitty and they had four daughters.

He is listed as playing college basketball at South Dakota, but I do not see a record of that. I think this comes from a few newspaper articles of the time that said he was from South Dakota, but I think the article just meant the state, not the school.


Minor League Baseball Stats


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