Monday, April 16, 2018

Dick Nochimson

Stanley Richard "Dick" Nochimson

May 17, 1920
Paterson, NJ

January 30, 2012
Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Paterson Eastside High School - New Jersey (High School)
1939-40 Bordertown Military Institute (Prep School)
1940-41 Temple University (College) Freshmen
1941-42 Temple University (College
1942-43 Manhattan Coast Guard (Military)
1943-44 Ellis Island (Military)
1944-45 Washington Capitols (ABL)
1944-45 Paterson Crescents (ABL)
1946-47 Paterson Crescents (ABL)

Born to Louis and Ida in Paterson. Nochimson served in the U.S. Coast Guard during World War 2, and after serving, he played in the ABL. He was also a part owner of the Paterson Crescents. He was a childhood friend of baseball Hall of Fame outfielder Larry Doby, a friendship the lastest until Doby's death.

Interesting news story I found about Nochimson. Around 1938, he was working as a gas station attendant when he noticed two of his customers fit the description of a couple of men who had committed hold-ups nearby. He called the police and then stalled while tending to the criminal's car, allowing the police enough time to arrive and arrest them.

Philadelphia Inquirer, January 17, 1942
Palm Beach Post. September 8, 2004


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