Monday, April 16, 2018

Bill Levine

William R. Levine

July 20, 1921 ??


1944-45 CCNY (College)
1944-45 Philadelphia SPHA's (ABL)
1944-45 New Britain Pros (Independent)
1945-46 New Britain Pros (Independent)

Pro Basketball Encyclopedia has identified the player listed in box scores as Lauren (or Laurner or Laurens) as Bill Levine from CCNY. Not sure how this conclusion was reached, but I will keep it as true for the time being. Possible he played under an assumed name since he has just been dismissed from CCNY's team in February of 1945. The timeline of Levine does match up with the Philly player.

Levine was a witness and testified in 1945 about the point-shaving epidemic that was sweeping through New York collegiate basketball at the time.

Democrat and Chronicle (Rochester, NY), March 6, 1945


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