Thursday, April 12, 2018

Bob Latshaw

Robert Eugene Latshaw

February 23, 1917
Denver, CO

January 16, 2001
Towson, MD

1944-45 Allen-Bradley - Milwaukee (Independent)
1944-45 Baltimore Bullets (ABL)

Born in Denver, Latshaw was a long-time minor league baseball player in the 1930's and 40's. He enrolled at USC when only 16 years of age, but left school to play baseball. The first baseman never got higher than AAA during his diamond days, and was while with the Cleveland Indians' minor league affiliate in Baltimore that he saw duty on the basketball court. He previously had played some semi-pro basketball, and in 1943 was even offered a contract with the Oshkosh club in the NBL, but had to turn it down. Latshaw was brought in to play in the opening round of the 1945 playoffs for the Bullets. He would continue to play minor league baseball through 1954 before ending a 20-year career. He would own and operate a few gas stations and also was a driver of trucks transporting gasoline. He went on to work sales for some Oil companies and later for Sears & Roebuck.

He married Jane Myers (d. 1995) in 1940 and they had two sons and a daughter.

Minor League Baseball Stats:

Baltimore Sun, March 15, 1945
Baltimore Sun, January 18, 2001


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