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Jack Hewson

John G. Hewson, Sr.

September 7, 1924
Waldwick, NJ

June 26, 2012
Knoxville, TN

Ramsey High School - New Jersey (High School)
1942-43 Muhlenberg University- Pennsylvania (College)
1943-44 Bucknell University (College)
1944-45 Temple University (College)
1945-46 Temple University (College)
1946-47 Wilmington Bombers (ABL)
1946-47 Philadelphia SPHA's (ABL)
1946-47 Allentown Aces (EPBL)
1947-48 Boston Celtics (BAA)
1947-48 Trenton Tigers (ABL)
1948-49 Trenton Tigers (ABL)
1948-49 Schenectady Packers (NYSL)
1949-50 Pottsville Packers (EPBL)
1949-50 Bridegeport Aer-A-Sols (ABL)
1950-51 Bridegeport Aer-A-Sols (ABL)
1951-52 Berwick Carbuilders (EPBL)

Born to Garrett and Bertha Hewson, Jack attended Ramsey HS in New Jersey before heading off to college. He served in the V-12 program during the war.
He played briefly with the Celtics before serving in the U.S. Army in Europe after World War 2. He returned to the U.S. in 1952 to become a dentist in Yardley, Pennsylvania. In 1990, he retired and moved to Wilmington, North Carolina, before moving to Knoxville.

Jack married Jeanne Watts in 1945 and they had two daughters and a son.

Obituary,Trenton Times,


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