Monday, November 12, 2018

Kenny Reeves

Dr. Kenneth Harlan Reeves

January 31, 1928
Manchester, OH

June 25, 2017
Louisville, KY ??

1945-46 Maysville High School - Kentuckey (College)
1946-47 University of Louisville (College)
1947-48 University of Louisville (College)
1948-49 University of Louisville (College)
1949-50 University of Louisville (College)
1950-51 Fort Knox (Military)
1951-52 Fort Knox (Military)
1952-53 Pawtucket Slaters (ABL)

A basketball star at Louisville as well as a Korean War veteran, Reeves became a dentist in Louisville, retiring in at 88 years of age in 2016. He played some basketball in the military as well as a stint with the Pawtucket Slaters.

He married Jan Elaine and they had one daughter.

Obituary, Courier-Journal, July 2, 2017


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