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Jude Baesman

Julius Melvin "Jude" Baesman

September 13, 1897
Newark City, OH

August , 1971
Memphis, TN

1916-17 Portsmouth High School - Ohio (High School)
1925-26 Baesman Selects - Zanesville, OH (Independent)
1926-27 Baesman Selects - Zanesville, OH (Independent)
1926-27 Columbus (Independent)
1927-28 Washington Palace Five (ABL)
1927-28 Columbus Robert Lees (Independent)
1928-29 Columbus Robert Lees (Independent)
1928-29 Coshocton Independents (Independent)

Born to Fred and Lillian Baesman, Jude grew up in Portsmouth, Ohio, and played pro basketball Zanesville and Columbus in Ohio. He signed with the ABL's Washington club in October of 1927, and appeared in six games with the club before being let go. He returned to Columbus to play the the Robert Lees and then the Coshocton club. Also a dance instructor, he owned a dance academy in Portsmouth, which also hosted boxing matches, and a restaurant (The Marigold). He also worked as a county clerk before moving to Memphis, Tennessee, around 1931. In Tennessee, he worked for the Tennessee Electric Power Company and also as a salesman for Frigidaire.

In my research, I found a unique story about Baesman. In August of 1927, Baesman was arrested in Portsmouth for disorderly conduct when he left a club with two friends who were loudly playing a French harp. A patrolman told them to "cut out the noise," at which point words were exchanged and Baesman was arrested and charged. Around this same time, Baesman's wife, Ida Mae Lane (b. 1899), filed for divorce, claiming physical abuse and cruelty. Jude admitted he had "slapped his wife a time or two" but the judge denied the divorce. They remained married and had one daughter, Mary.

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Portsmouth Daily Times, August 5, 1927
Portsmouth Daily Times, October 7, 1927


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