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Johnny Beckman

John Albert Beckman

October 26, 1892
New York, NY

June 22, 1968
Miami, FL

1912-13 New York St.Gabriel’s (Independent)
1913-14 Union Hill (NJ) Troys (Independent)
1913-14 Bridgeport Blue Ribbons (Independent)
1913-14 Sheepshead Bay Gabriels (Independent)
1913-14 Brooklyn (TSL)
1913-14 Kingston Colonials (NYSL)
1914-15 Paterson Crescents (NYSL)
1915-16 De Neri Duddies (EBL)
1915-16 Paterson Crescents (NYSL)
1915-16 Danbury Woosters AC (Independent)
1915-16 Union Hill Troys - New Jersey (Independent)
1915-16 Bridgeport Blue Ribbons (Independent)
1916-17 Danbury Danburians (IBL)
1916-17 Bridgeport Blue Ribbons (IBL)
1916-17 Newark Turners (IBL)
1916-17 Reading Bears (EBL)
1917-18 De Neri Duddies (EBL)
1917-18 Danbury/Jersey City Skeeters (CBL)
1917-18 Nanticoke Nans (PSL)
1917-18 New Brunswick Wright-Martin Aeroplane Co. (Independent)
1917-18 Newark Turners (Independent)
1918-19 Newark Turners (Independent)
1918-19 Bridgeport Blue Ribbons (Independent)
1918-19 Nanticoke (Independent)
1918-19 Staten Island Standard Ship Yard (Independent)
1919-20 Nanticoke Nans (PSL)
1919-20 De Neri Daisies (EBL)
1919-20 Adams (NYSL)
1919-20 New York Treat 'Em Roughs / Paterson Silk Sox (IBL)
1919-20 Jersey City Skeeters / Brooklyn Dodgers (IBL)
1919-20 Thompsonville Big-Harts (IL)
1919-20 Brooklyn St. James Triangles (Independent)
1919-20 Jordan Bay Big-Five (Independent)
1919-20 Stamford (Independent)
1920-21 Nanticoke Nans (PSL) Head coach / player
1920-21 Stamford (CSL)
1920-21 Philadelphia Phillies (EBL)
1920-21 Trenton Bengals (EBL)
1920-21 Thompsonville Bigelow-Hartfords (IL)
1920-21 Original Celtics (Independent)
1920-21 Beckman All-Stars (Independent)
1921-22 Original Celtics (Independent)
1921-22 New York Celtics (EBL)
1922-23 Original Celtics (Independent)
1922-23 Atlantic City Sandsnipers (EBL)
1922-23 New York Original Celtics (MBL)
1923-24 Original Celtics (Independent)
1924-25 Original Celtics (Independent)
1925-26 Original Celtics (Independent)
1926-27 New York Celtics (NYN)
1926-27 Brooklyn Celtics (ABL)
1926-27 Baltimore Orioles (ABL) Head coach / player
1927-28 Paterson (MBL)
1927-28 Detroit Cardinals (ABL) Head coach / player
1927-28 Chicago Bruins (ABL)
1928-29 Rochester Centrals (ABL)
1928-29 Cleveland Rosenblums (ABL)
1929-30 New York Celtics (ABL)
1929-30 Cleveland Rosenblums (ABL)
1929-30 Fort Wayne Hoosiers (ABL)


Known as the "Babe Ruth of Basketball" during his playing career, Beckman was a drawing card wherever he played, and was once sold for an unheard amount of $10,000. His reputation on the court as a leader and skilled player, as well as a coach and youth educator, got him elected to the Hall of Fame in 1973, five years after his death at 75 years of age.

Miami News, August 31, 1947


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