Friday, March 17, 2017

Sibby Cortelli

Sebastian Nicholas "Sibby" Cortelli

May 24, 1900
Buffalo, NY

August 2, 1963

1922-23 Buffalo Rudins (Independent)
1923-24 Buffalo Bisons (Independent)
1924-25 Buffalo Bisons (Independent)
1925-26 Buffalo Bisons (ABL)
1925-26 Olean Metros (Independent)
1926-27 Buffalo Lincolns (Independent)
1927-28 Buffalo (Independent)
1928-29 Buffalo Drydocks (Independent)
1929-30 Buffalo (Independent)
1930-31 Buffalo Lincolns (Independent)
1931-32 Buffalo Hollywoods (Independent)
1932-33 Buffalo (Independent)
1933-34 Buffalo YMCA (Independent)
1934-35 Buffalo (NYSL)
1935-36 Buffalo Bisons (MBC)

Born to Joseph and Margaret Cortelli, Sibby was a  popular player around Buffalo for many years in the professional and semi-pro circuits.

He married Rose Campiene in 1920 and they had a daughter and two sons.



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