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Ganzy Benedict

George W. "Ganzy" Benedict

November 29, 1905
Duquesne, PA

October 12, 1995
Rochester, NY

1927-28 Duquesne University (College)
1928-29 Duquesne University (College)
1929-30 Duquesne University (College)
1930-31 Duquesne University (College)
1931-32 Oil City Pennzips (Independent)
1931-32 St. Joseph's High School - Franklin, Pennsylvania (High School) Head coach
1932-33 Ellwood City Merchants (Independent)
1932-33 Ellwood City High School - Pennsylvania (High School) Head coach
1933-34 Oil City Pennzips (Independent)
1933-34 Ellwood City High School - Pennsylvania (High School) Head coach
1934-35 Ellwood City High School - Pennsylvania (High School) Head coach 
1935-36 Pittsburgh Y.M.H.A. (MBC)
1936-37 Pittsburgh Y.M.H.A. (MBC)
1940-41 Pittsburgh Lyceum (Independent)

Ganzy played football (quarterback) and basketball at Duquesne, and was also a very good baseball player (Duquesne did not have a baseball team). He went into coaching football and basketball while still playing semi=pro basketball around Pennsylvania. In 1936, he starteing working for the IRS where he stayed until retiring in 1966 as a Director of the Pittsburgh office. In 1995, he suffered a stroke, and eventually succumbred to the pneumonia that developed shortly thereafter.

George married Christine Klimek (1910-1992) and they had a daughter, Lois, and two sons, George and Howard.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, March 10, 1931
Obituary, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, October 15, 1995


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