Monday, March 20, 2017

Lefty Haas

Arthur S. "Lefty" Haas

March 15, 1906
Reading, PA

May 20, 1994
Brownstown, PA

1925-26 Harrisburg Academy - Pennsylvania(High School)
1928-29 Gettysburg College - Pennsylvania (College)
1929-30 Gettysburg College - Pennsylvania (College)
1930-31 Gettysburg College - Pennsylvania (College)
1931-32 Reading Pretzels (Independent)
1931-32 Reading Car Shops (Independent)
1932-33 Womelsdorf Big Five - Harrisburg, PA (Independent)
1933-34 Womelsdorf Big Five - Harrisburg, PA (Independent)
1934-35 Akron Firestones (Independent)
1935-36 Akron Firestones (MBC)

Born to Frederick and Elizabeth Haas in Reading, Pennsylvania, Lefty atteneded Gettysburg College and played professional and semi-pro basketball around the eastern side of the state before joining up with the Akron Firestones. He was also a decent baseball player, pitching in the Mid Atlantic League with an 11-4 record in 1931. His 1935-36 basketball season was cut short due to appendicitis.

He married Gemaine Touzen (1908-1992) and moved to Connecticut in 1938, later returning to Pennsylvania where he died in 1994.

Minor League Baseball Stats:

Harrisburg Telegraph, April 26, 1926
Reading Times, June 10, 1931
Reading Times, February 14, 1936


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