Friday, March 17, 2017

Lefty Evans

Leonard Mack "Lefty" Evans

December 18, 1909

February 2, 1957
Castro Valley, CA

1924-25 Logansport High School - Indiana (High School)
1925-26 Logansport High School - Indiana (High School)
1926-27 Logansport High School - Indiana (High School)
1927-28 Strauss Says (Independent)
1928-29 Indianapolis Marmons (Independent)
1928-29 Strauss Says (Independent)
1929-30 Butler University (College)
South Side Turners (Independent)
1930-31 Richmond Cavaliers - Indiana (Independent)
1930-31 Strauss AA (Independent)
1931-32 Indianapolis Kautskys (Independent)
1932-33 Indianapolis Kautskys (NPBL)
1933-34 Indianapolis Kautskys (Independent)
1934-35 Indianapolis U.S. Tires (Independent)
1935-36 Indianapolis U.S. Tires (MBC)

After playing pro and semi-pro basketball around Indy, we moved the family out to Oakland, California, where he became a vice-president of a rubber and tire company. He died at 47 years of age of a heart ailment.

He was married to Elizabeth and they had a son and a daughter.

Logansport Pharos-Tribune, February 5, 1957


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