Friday, March 31, 2017

Max Padlow

Max Padlow
born Mordko Podlosker

August 15, 1912
Barishpole (?), Russia

August 17, 1971
Dayton, OH

1925-29 Stivers High School - Dayton (High School)
1929-30 Stivers High School - Dayton (High School)
1933-34 Ohio State University (College)
1934-35 Ohio State University (College)
1935-36 Dayton Metropolitans (MBC)
1936-37 Dayton London Bobbies (MBC)
1936-37 Columbus Athletic Supplies (MBC)
1936-37 Coshocton Buckeye Clothiers (Independent)

Born in Russia to Isaac and Clara Podlosker, Max' family came to the US when Max was an infant. He attended Stivers HS and OSU, playing basketball and football. Out of college, he played two seasons in the NFL with the Philadelphia Eagles, and also played some pro basketball around Ohio. He served in the military during World War 2, and after the war, operated a surplus store in Xenia, Ohio.

Padlow, who never married, died in an automobile accident two days past his 59th birthday in 1971.

NFL Stats:

Obituary, Xenia Daily Press, August 19, 1971


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