Friday, June 3, 2016

Whitey Von Nieda

Stanley Lee Von Nieda, Jr.

June 19, 1922
Ephrata, PA


1939-40 Ephrata High School - Pennsylvania (High School)
1942-43 Penn State (College)
1946-47 Lancaster Red Roses (EPBL)
1947-48 Tri-Cities Blackhawks (NBL)
1948-49 Tri-Cities Blackhawks (NBL)
1949-50 Tri-Cities Blackhawks (NBA)
1949-50 Baltimore Bullets (NBA)
1950-51 Elizabeth College - Pennsylvania (College) Head coach
1950-51 Lancaster Red Roses (EPBL)  Player / head coach
1951-52 Elizabeth College - Pennsylvania (College) Head coach
1951-52 Lancaster Red Roses (EPBL) Player / head coach
1952-53 Lancaster Red Roses (EPBL) Player / head coach
1961-62 Hazleton Hawks (EPBL) Head Coach
1977-78 Lancaster Red Roses (EBA) Assistant coach
1978-79 Lancaster Red Roses (EBA) Assistant coach

From Pennsylvania, Von Nieda was a popular figure in the game, having played the game in high school and college before a moving to the pro level. He after playing in the NBL and NBA, he went on to coach at Elizabeth College, even while still playing professionally in Pennsylvania. After his playing and coaching days, he worked as a advertising salesman for the Yellow Pages as well as many years as a bartender. His uncle also played at Penn State, in the late 1920's.

He served in the military during World War 2 as a paratrooper.

He married Dorothy Bartek and they had four sons and two daughters.

Evening Sun (Hanover, PA), November 1, 1950
Gettysburg Times, March 14, 1952
Plain Speaker (Hazleton, PA), September 20, 1961
John Von Nieda, January 2017



  1. Thanks for reporting on this! Whitey, my dad, is thriving at 94. A few small corrections/additions to your article. He coached at Elizabethtown College. My mom's maiden name was Bartek. He also was assistant coach for the Lancaster Red Roses for the 77-78, and 78-79 seasons.

    1. Thank you for posting, and I will update the information. Appreciate your time, and give your dad our best wishes!

    2. Can you tell us where he was born? I couldn't find a birthplace anywhere. Email is

  2. To my knowledge my dad's the 4th oldest living member of the NBA fraternity. Nick Shaback, Gene Gillette, and Billy Gabor are those that are older to my knowledge. If anyone is aware of others born before my dad, or has information about these guys mentioned above, please share it!

    1. I am not sure of the status of Gene Gillette. Other than a few articles from 1946-47, I have found nothing about him to confirm his whereabouts, if he is indeed still with us.

      Near as I can tell, these are the ten oldest NBA players as of Jan 7, 2017.

      Nick Shaback
      Bill Gabor
      Whitey Von Nieda
      Johnny Macknowski
      Frankie Brian
      John Oldham
      Les Pugh
      Wayne See
      Gene Stump
      Jim Riffey