Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Ralph Bishop

Ralph English Bishop

October 1, 1915
Brooklyn, NY

October 1, 1974
Santa Clara, CA

1930-31 Yakima High School - Washington (High School)
1931-32 Yakima High School - Washington (High School)
1932-33 Yakima JC (College)
1933-34 University of Washington (College)
1934-35 University of Washington (College)
1935-36 University of Washington (College)
1936 United States Olympic Team
Tacoma (AAU)
1937-38 Denver Safeways (AAU)
1938-39 Denver Nuggets (AAU)
1939-40 Denver Nuggets (AAU)
1942-43 Norfolk Naval (Military)
1946-47 Denver Nuggets (ABL-AAU)
1947-48 Denver Nuggets (AAU) Head coach (maybe played too)
1948-49 Denver Nuggets (NBL)

A Biographical Directory of Professional Basketball Coaches, Jeff Marcus - UW Bonanza at 1936 Olympics


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