Wednesday, September 2, 2015

John Pawk

John A. Pawk

December 23, 1910
Butler, PA

December 28, 2004
West Chester, PA 

Westminister College (College)
1931-32 Company D (Armstrong-Butler Cty - PA)
1932-33 Butler Penn Drakes (Independent)
1933-34 Butler Penn Drakes (Independent)
1934-35 Butler Penn Drakes (Independent)
1935-36 Butler Penn Drakes (Independent) 
1936-37 Warren HyVis Oil (MBC)
1937-38 Warren Penns (NBL)
1938-39 Warren Penns/Cleveland White Horses (NBL)

John Pawk was born in Butler, Pennsylvania, to Harry and Pearl Pawk. He attended Westminister College and played professionally for Warren after college. He then worked at the Lyndora Hotel for 40 years before retiring. He married Anne Louis Lucas (1909-1991) and had one son, John. Like his younger basketball-playing brother Steve, he died at 94, but in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, March 24, 1932


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