Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Cy Proffitt

Searle Truman "Cy" Proffitt

October 26, 1911
Lebanon, IN

February 13, 1996
Danville, IN 

1926-27 Lebanon High School - Indiana (High School)
1927-28 Lebanon High School - Indiana (High School)
1928-29 Lebanon High School - Indiana (High School)
1929-30 Butler University (College)
1930-31 Butler University (College)
1931-32 Butler University (College)
1932-33 Butler University (College)
1935-36 Indianapolis Kautskys (MBC)
1936-37 Indianapolis Kautskys (MBC)
1937-38 Indianapolis Kautskys (NBL)
1937-38 Hilgemeier Packers - Indianapolis (Independent)  Head coach  / player

Searle "Cy" Proffitt was a native of Lebanon, Indiana, born to Okie (c.1885-1961) and Susan Proffitt (1887-1977). Proffitt attended Butler University. He was teaching and coaching at Spencer High School in Indiana when he was approached in 1936 to join the Indianapolis Kautskys of the MBC. He continued to play with them as the team was in the NBL. He later moved to Terre Haute, where he was a coach, teacher and school administrator. He was married to Laura Anna "Sally" Loutt (1911-1992) and later re-married to Lucia Edwards Tauer on May 30, 1995. He and Sally had three children; Ben Proffitt, Judith Massey, and Cyann Scott.


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