Thursday, September 24, 2015

Ed Dancker

Edward Charles Dancker

March 14, 1914 
Milwaukee, WI

October 3, 1991
Milwaukee, WI 

1934-35 Milwaukee Pure Oils (AAA Bask. League - Milw.)
1935-36 Milwaukee Harvesters (Independent)
1935-36 Sheboygan Enzo-Jels (Independent)
1936-37 Sheboygan Art Imigs (Independent)
1937-38 Sheboygan Redskins (Independent)
1938-39 Sheboygan Redskins (NBL)
1939-40 Sheboygan Redskins (NBL)
1940-41 Sheboygan Redskins (NBL)
1941-42 Sheboygan Redskins (NBL)
1942-43 Sheboygan Redskins (NBL)
1943-44 Sheboygan Redskins (NBL)
1944-45 Sheboygan Redskins (NBL)
1945-46 Sheboygan Redskins (NBL)
1946-47 Sheboygan Redskins (NBL)
1947-48 Sheboygan Redskins (NBL)
1948-49 Oshkosh All-Stars (NBL)
1948-49 Milwaukee Shooting Stars (Independent)
1949-50 Milwaukee Shooting Stars (Independent)
1950-51 New Holstein (Independent)

Dancker has born to Charles and Ella Dancker in Milwaukee, but did not play basketball in high school, nor did he attend college. However, he learned and played basketball at the amateur and semi-pro level before becoming one of the early stars of the NBL. He was selected all-NBL First Team three times, and Second Team twice.




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