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Dick Bennett

Richard C. "Clubby" Bennett
born Richard Bednarkiewicz

January 1, 1921
Erie, PA

November 11, 2019
Schenectady, NY

1937-38 Mont Pleasant High School - New York (High School)
1938-39 Mont Pleasant High School - New York (High School)
1939-40 Mont Pleasant High School - New York (High School)
1940-41 Michigan State University (College)
1941-42 Siena College (College)
1942-43 Siena College (College)
1946-47 Schenectady Comets (NYSL)
1947-48 Schenectady Comets (NYSL)
1948-49 Schenectady Packers (NYSL)
1949-50 Schenectady Packers (ABL)

Updated 3/11/2019

His name was Dick Bennett, not Bob Bennett as previously listed.

Born Richard Bednarkiewicz, Dick graduated from Mont Pleasant HS and received a scholarship at Michigan State University. He did not like it there and transferred to Siena. He left school to work and enlisted when World War 2 came. After the war, he played some pro basketball with the Schenectady clubs in the New York State League as well as the short-lived team in the ABL. It was right after the war he legally changed his name to Bennett. Dick would work for many years for an industrial supply company and made his home in Rotterdam, New York.

Dick married Virginia Byrnes (d. 2017) in 1943and they had two sons.

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