Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Eddie Parry

Edward William Parry, Jr.

January 29, 1918   
Detroit, MI

February 23, 2016
Clay Township, MI  

1933-34 Eastern High School - Detroit (High School)
1934-35 Eastern High School - Detroit (High School)
1935-36 Eastern High School - Detroit (High School)
1936-37 Jaglowicz (Detroit Amateur League)
1937-38 Jaglowicz (Detroit Amateur League)
1937-38 Bower (Detroit Industrial League)
1939-40 Detroit Eagles (NBL)
1940-41 Detroit Eagles (NBL)
1941-42 Saratoga (NYSL)
1941-42 Troy (NYSL)
1941-42 Detroit Eagles (Independent)
1942-43 Harrisburg Senators (ABL)
1944-45 Detroit Mansfields (Independent)
1945-46 Detroit Mansfields (Independent)
1946-47 Detroit Gems (NBL)
1947-48 Springfield Squires (PBLA)

Another player with no biographical info, except the teams he played for in the NBL and PBLA. Figured he might be from Detroit area, so started there. Found an Edward Parry, born in 1918, son of Edward Parry (c. 1890) and Laura Lenth (c. 1880), with an older sister, Edith. Parents were both born in Wales.

Here is the 1940 census record. We pick up a middle intial: W

Now this record gives us a middle name, exact birthdate, and address, as well as a likely spouse, Patricia.

Eddie's sister Edith died at 99 in July of 2015, and the obituary says Eddie is alive

He search for addresses and we find Eddie living in Clay Township, Michigan. He is the first living player I have found.

Article from the Saratogan on February 12, 1942, mentions the Detroit Eagles having a player named "Ed Perry" from Michigan State. Probably the same guy, but whether the Michigan State angle is accurate, I do not know.

- Update February 29, 2016 -

Ed Parry died February 23, 2016.

Ed was a veteran of World War 2 and worked as a pressman for the Detroit News.

Detroit Free Press, December 19, 1937
Detroit Free Press, February 14, 1938
Detroit Free Press, January 28, 1945


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