Friday, February 2, 2018

Bud Clancy

James "Bud" Clancy



1934-35 Camden (EL)
1935-36 Passiac Reds (ABL)
1935-36 Bridgeton-Germantown (EL)
1935-36 Rees-Maloy Wolves (Independent)
1936-37 Atlantic City Sandsnipers (ABL)
1936-37 Pittston (PSL)
1936-37 Brownstown (TCL)
1937-38 Reading Keys (TCL)
1937-38 Atlantic City (NLNP)
1937-38 Hazelton (NYPA)
1938-39 Hazelton (NYPA)
1938-39 Reading Keys (TCL)
1938-39 Wilkes-Barre Barons (ABL)** Signed Jan 26, 1939. Did he play?
1939-40 Lancaster (TCL)
1939-40 Elmira (NYSL)

From Philadelphia.

Clancy signed (along with Bill Zunic) with Wilkes-Barre on January 26, 1939, but issues arose around the TCL as to whether he could still play with Reading while with the Barons. There were unclear rules as to how many major league players (i.e. ABL players) could be on a TCL roster. Eventually it was decided he was indeed eligible. However, I am not sure he ever suited up with Wilkes-Barre in a game.



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