Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Jack Granahan

John Vincent Granahan

January 15, 1908
Duryea, PA

June 3, 1994
Wilkes-Barre, PA

1929-30 St.Thomas - Pennsylvania (College)
1930-31 Pittston (PSL)
1931-32 Dunmore (PSL)
1932-33 Dunmore (PSL)
1933-34 Dunmore (PSL)
1934-35 Wilkes Barre/Pittston (PSL)
1935-36 Pittston (PSL)
1936-37 Pittston (PSL)
1937-38 Pittston (NYPA)
1938-39 Wilkes-Barre Barons (ABL)
1938-39 Pittston (NYPA)

Born to John and Mary Granahan, Granahan went to St. Thomas (now University of Scranton) where he was a high-scoring basketball player. While playing pro basketball and semi-pro baseball around Pennsylvania, Granahan owned and operated a pharmacy in Avoca, Pennsylvania, and later in Pittston. In 1947, he started working in sale for Wyeth Labs, where he stayed until retiring in 1972.

Philadelphia Inquirer, June 7, 1994


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