Saturday, January 27, 2018

Pete Berenson

Peter Berenson

October 16, 1912
New York, NY?

January 6, 2000
Clearwater, FL

1931-32 CCNY (College)
1932-33 CCNY (College)
1933-34 CCNY (College)
1934-35 Brooklyn Visitations (ABL)
1935-36 Brooklyn Visitations (ABL)
1936-37 New York Celtics (ABL)
1937-38 New York Celtics (ABL)
1938-39 Kingston Colonials (ABL)
1939-40 Kingston Colonials (ABL)
1939-40 Troy Celtics (ABL)
1940-41 Brooklyn Celtics (ABL)
1940-41 Washington Brewers (ABL)
1941-42 Washington Brewers (ABL)
1941-42 Pittsfield (NYSL)
1945-46 New York Gothams (ABL)

Standing at 5'9 and weighing 174 pounds, Berenson went to CCNY, and in his three years on the basketball team they went 43-3. An outstanding player on defense, he would eventually become on the bigger scorers in the ABL. He enlisted in the U.S. Army in July of 1942 to serve his country in World War 2, and returned from the war with one last season of basketball, with the Gothams in the ABL.

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