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Cy Kaselman

David "Cy" Kaselman

May 1, 1909
Philadelphia, PA

July 3, 1971
Philadelphia, PA

South Philadelphia High School (High School)
1929-30 Philadelphia SPHA's (EBL)
1930-31 Philadelphia SPHA's (EBL)
1931-32 Philadelphia SPHA's (EBL)
1932-33 Philadelphia SPHA's (EBL)
1933-34 Philadelphia SPHA's (ABL)
1933-34 Philadelphia Turners (EBL)
1933-34 Nanticoke (PSL)
1934-35 Philadelphia SPHA's (ABL)
1934-35 Wilkes Barre/Plymouth (PSL)
1935-36 Philadelphia SPHA's (ABL)
1936-37 Philadelphia SPHA's (ABL)
1936-37 Tunkhannock/Nanticoke (PSL)
1937-38 Philadelphia SPHA's (ABL)
1937-38 Wilkes Barre (NYPA)
1937-38 Reading (TCL)
1938-39 Philadelphia SPHA's (ABL)
1939-40 Philadelphia SPHA's (ABL)
1940-41 Philadelphia SPHA's (ABL)
1941-42 Philadelphia SPHA's (ABL)
1946-47 Philadelphia Warrior (BAA) Assistant coach

A graduate of South Philly HS, Kasleman would go on to a length basketball career mainly with the Philadelphia SPHA's, who would win 11 ABL titles with Kaselman on the team. Kaselman was an excellent deep shot with good ball-handling skills. In 1942, he left basketball to serve in the military during World War 2. Upon his return, he was an assistant coach for the Philadelphia Warriors in the BAA. He would also work in the city's Recreation Department. He died of a heart attack at his home in 1971.

He was married to Lucille Gillum.

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