Friday, January 19, 2018

John McGuinness

John Nicholas "Jack" McGuinness

September 10, 1911
Brooklyn, NY

September 14, 1980
Brooklyn, NY

1929-30 St. John's Prep - Brooklyn (High School)
1930-31 St. John's University (College) Freshmen
1931-32 St. John's University (College)
1932-33 St. John's University (College)
1933-34 St. John's University (College)
1933-34 Brooklyn Jewels (ABL)
1934-35 YMHA - Hartford (Independent)
1934-35 Boston Trojans (ABL) ???
1934-35 Crescent Hamiltons (Independent)
1935-36 Crescent Hamiltons (Independent)
1936-37 Crescent Hamiltons (Independent)

When in high school. McGuinness was stuck with osteomyelitis, which is a serious infection of the bones which at that time was fatal 99% of the time. He recovered and returned to the basketball court none the worse for wear.

We know Jack had a brother named James. This could make him John Nicholas McGuinness? (Sept 10, 1911 - Sept 14, 1980) This John went to college, according to the 1940 census. Everything lines up, just not 100% positive. He was also Jewish, if that helps with identification.

Or maybe John E. McGuinness, born October 19, 1912, to Thomas and Jane McGuinness.

Newspaper article (Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Dec 6, 1934) says McGuinness was playing for the Boston Trojans. He left the team December 18 after riding the bench to join Crescent A.C. back in Brooklyn. Not sure if he played with the Trojans, but he was apparently at least on the time at some point.

Brooklyn Daily Eagle, February 28, 1934
Brooklyn Daily Eagle, December 18, 1934
Hartford Courant, December 15, 1934


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