Monday, August 27, 2018

Eddie Younger

Edward Younger

January 7, 1923
Harlem, NY

March 18, 1985
Brooklyn, NY

1939-40 Benjamin Franklin High School - New York City (High School)
1943-44 Long Island University (College)
1945-46 Harlem Globetrotters (Independent)
1945-46 New York Rens (Independent)
1946-47 New York Rens (Independent)
1947-48 New York Rens (Independent)
1948-49 Scranton Miners (ABL)
1948-49 Mohawk Redskins (NYSL)
1949-50 Scranton Miners (ABL)
1949-50 New York Whirls (Independent)
1950-51 Saratoga Yankees (ABL)
1951-52 Carbondale Aces (ABL)
1952-53 Saratoga (ABL)

The speedy basketball star played for the Globetrotters and the Rens before joining the ABL. He played in the ABL for 5 seasons, and later would work the the NYV Parks and Rec department to work with youngsters as a coach and mentor. His father, Clarence, was a talented semi-pro player in his own right.

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