Thursday, April 27, 2017

Milestone #4 - MBC

That will conclude the initial look into the Midwestern Basketball Conference.

An attempt at consolidating the larger industrial independent teams of the Midwest in the mid 1930's, the MBC lasted two season before morphing into the National Basketball League, which then merged into the NBA. That is why I found it worth looking into.

As far as the personnel of the MBC go, here are the numbers.
But so far, here is the NBL by the numbers:

Number of MBC players:  188
Unidentified/unknown whereabouts: 14
Surviving MBC players: 0. I suppose it is possible that one of the 14 Mystery players could be alive, but they would be at the very least 100 years of age. Statistically, the existence of a surviving MBC player is very very slight. When Frank Worziak died in 2014, he was the last known MBC veteran.

Of the 188 players, 12.23% lived to see the age of 90. 3.19% died before the age of 50. It is a smaller sample size than the NBL's players, but those numbers are consistent between the two leagues.

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