Thursday, April 6, 2017

Harry Thom

Harry A(lbert?). Thom


February 14, 1958
Detroit, MI

1935-36 Detroit Hed Aids (MBC)

Near as I can tell, there are two Harry Thoms who lived in Detroit in the 1930's. One was born in 1917, so although not impossible, it is unlikely he was the man who suited up to play with the Hed Aids, being so young.

The other option is a lot more likely. This Harry Thom became a Detroit Police Officer in 1938, where he remained until dying in 1958 of lung cancer. Not sure about the story behind his illness, but he is listed by the police fraternity as dying in the line of duty.

He was married to Dorothy Boss in 1939 and they had two daughters, Ellen and Carol.

I would like to get some concrete 100% proof on this being his identity, but the likelihood is high enough for me to say the police officer is the basketball player.

Detroit Free Press, February 15, 1958
In the Line Of Duty: A Tribute to Fallen Law Enforcement Officers by Isaiah McKinnon, Pg 66-67


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