Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Stretch Meehan

Francis Patrick "Stretch" Meehan

April 17, 1897
New Jersey

February 5, 1968
Newark, NJ

1915-16 Seton Hall University (College)
1916-17 Seton Hall University (College)
1916-17 Danbury Danburians (IBL)
1916-17 Hoboken Hobs (IBL)
1917-18 Seton Hall University (College)
1917-18 Providence (PSL)
1917-18 Scranton Miners (PSL)
1917-18 Norwalk 1st Home Guard (CSL)
1917-18 Jersey City (Independent)
1919-20 Scranton Miners (PSL)
1919-20 Germantown Germaniums (EBL)
1919-20 Paterson Silk Sox (IBL)
1919-20 Newark K0fC Picadill’s (Independent)
1919-20 Jersey City Greenvilles (Independent)
1919-20 Stamford (Independent)
1920-21 Germantown Geraniums (EBL)
1920-21 Scranton Miners (PSL)
1920-21 Easthampton Hampers (IL)
1921-22 Trenton Royal Bengals (EBL)
1921-22 New York MacDowell Lyceum (MBL)
1922-23 Trenton Tigers (EBL)
1922-23 New York MacDowell Lyceum (MBL)
1922-23 Cohoes Cohosiers (NYSL)
1922-23 SPHAS - Philadelphia (PBL)
1923-24 Trenton Royal Bengals (MBL)
1923-24 Cleveland Rosenblooms (Independent)
1924-25 Trenton Royal Bengals (MBL)
1924-25 Paterson Legionaires (MBL)
1925-26 Paterson Legionaires (MBL)
1925-26 Trenton Bengals (EBL)
1925-26 Philadelphia Sphas (Independent)
1926-27 Ridgewood*Orange (NLN)
1926-27 Philadelphia Quakers (ABL)
1927-28 Utica All-Utica (Independent)
1928-29 New York Hakoahs (ABL)
1928-29 Paterson Whirlwinds (ABL)
1928-29 Chicago Bruins (ABL)
1928-29 Trenton Royal Bengals (ABL)
1929-30 New York Celtics (ABL)
1929-30 Syracuse All-Americans (ABL)
1929-30 Paterson Whirwinds (ABL)

The 6'7 Meehan was the tallest player in college basketball during his time at Seton Hall. He would play professional basketball through the 1920's in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connectcut and Rhode Island. He would also found himself in the ABL for three seasons before his career ended.



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