Monday, November 6, 2017

Moon Baker

Ralph Percy "Moon" Baker

June 28, 1902

August 3, 1977
Portland, OR

1918-19 Rockford High School - Illinois (High School)
1919-20 Rockford High School - Illinois (High School)
1920-21 Rockford High School - Illinois (High School)
1920-22 Rockford High School - Illinois (High School)
1924-25 Northwestern University (College)
1925-26 Northwestern University (College)
1926-27 Rockford Burrs (ABL)
1926-27 Chicago Bruins (ABL)

An All-American football player at Northwestern, Baker also played two years on the school's basketball team. On January 4, 1927, Baker appeared in a game for the Rockford Burrs, officially ending his collegiate basketball career. He had supposed to have played for Northwestern that winter, but he was aware his eligibility was up so we never showed up to practice. He signed with the Bruins on January 22, 1927, and played three games. He headed to Hollywood to pursue a career in movies, a plan which never materialized. He caught on as an assistant football coach at San Diego State in 1934.

He was later the manager of a cab company in Redwood City, California

Tampa Times, February 9, 1927
San Mateo Times, August 5, 1977


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