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Joe Hoffman

Joseph Hoffman




1919-20 Baltimore City College - Maryland (College)
1921-22 Allied Club - Baltimore (Independent)
1922-23 Paramount - Baltimore (Independent)
1923-24 YMHA - Baltimore (Independent)
1923-24 Allied Club - Baltimore (Independent)
1923-24 Calvert AC - Baltimore (Independent) Head coach
1924-25 YMHA - Baltimore (Independent)
1924-25 Olympic Club - Baltimore (Independent)
1924-25 Meredith Realty - Florida (Independent)
1925-26 Coral Gables - Florida (Independent)
1926-27 Baltimore Orioles (ABL)
1927-28 Miami Collegians - Florida (Independent)
1928-29 Paul's Tires - Florida (Independent)
1929-30 Paul's Tires - Florida (Independent)
1929-30 Fort Lauderdale Elks - Florida (Independent)
1930-31 Fort Lauderdale Elks - Florida (Independent)
1930-31 Redman's Sport Shop - Miami (Independent)
1931-32 YMHA - Baltimore (Independent)
1931-32 Stonewall - Baltimore (Independent)

He played baseball and basketball at Baltimore City College before playing around the Baltimore area in the 1920's. He also spent some time in Florida, playing basketball down there.

Quite possibly Joseph Edward Hoffman (1898-1985). Son of William Holmes Hoffman  (1857-1942) and Sarah "Sally" Carr (1854-1925). Brother of Adelaide Hoffman Pula (c. 1891), John (c.1894) and Maurice R. Hoffman. Appears in Census as "Edward" sometimes. His military records say he is 5'7, which could very well be the Hoffman in the photo shown here.

I saw another Joseph Hoffman, born in 1902 in Maryland, living in Miami in 1930. 



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